Why Fall Travel is on the Rise

Cooler temps and brilliantly-colored landscapes have travelers ready to pack their bags this fall. Many are looking to save money, avoid crowds and increase the bang for their buck. According to the Chicago Tribune, traveling between Labor Day and Thanksgiving has become increasingly popular thanks to the favorable weather and better values. In fact, it’s on the rise with Boomers, Millennials and Gen Z vacationers alike.

Fall travelers are most likely to travel domestically, often by car or on discounted airlines which report an increase in fall searches of 26% over last year. Pinterest confirms this seasonal spike with searches nearly doubling in 2019.

The Tetons in the fall. Photo by: Coffee.

While U.S. travel is preferred, you can’t rule out spots like Mexico City, Bali and Ho Chi Minh — Kayak.com’s top three trending destinations.

Another indicator to watch is the jump in adventure travel that’s been building throughout 2019; according to digitas.com it’s up 65% this year.

While Baby Boomers and leaf-peepers continue to dominate the market segment, Millennials are also choosing autumn travel to connect with culture and enjoy new experiences, versus traditional sightseeing. On the other hand, Gen Z travelers are most often looking for a deal.

While all three age groups express an interest in immersion travel — from local cuisine to hiking, cycling to seasonal festivals — their planning habits are different. Boomers are more likely to plan far ahead while Millennials and Gen Z vacationers are more spontaneous. According to Expedia.com, younger travelers are driven by last-minute promotions for short 3-5 day getaways.

A quickly-planned escape is highly likely for Millennials and Gen Z vacationers since many claim their decision to travel is based on compelling advertising. Some 72% of Millennials report travel decisions were influenced by some form of advertising and a whopping 90% of Gen Z travelers claim their desire is driven by social media.

Now that the kids are back in school, family travel has dropped off — making the autumn travel landscape much less crowded. Add to that the incredible deals at many high-end destinations and the increase in availability, and you have every reason to hit the road this season.

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