Sanity in the Age of Cornavirus

We’ve cancelled our trips, pulled the plug on Spring Break and hunkered down at home — all about the same time our college-age kids have returned to nest. Now, to add insult to injury, our access to the gym is gone and stress is on the rise. But just because your go-to spin class is no more and boot camp is a thing of the not-so-distant past, doesn’t mean you can’t salvage your exercise routine. Online workouts and outdoor activities mean all you need is a yoga mat and a Wi-Fi signal to maintain your sanity.

Here are a few options that will keep your heart rate up, your Vitamin-D in rich supply and your outlook positive.

Online Fitness Classes — These do-at-home classes let you break a sweat in the protection of your own casa. Sessions are updated weekly and often short and sweet at a very manageable 30- minutes. Think trainers-to-the-stars like Tracy Anderson, or even live stream workouts from gyms like Planet Fitness.

Namaste-at-home — Yoga is one of the best streaming workouts available. Online options like Glo and Yogis Anonymous feature guided instruction at a variety of levels, flows and time lengths. It’s a great way to experience some of the country’s best instructors and some new styles you may have been dying to try.

Pilates and Barre in the Living Room — These full-body workouts focus on specific muscle groups and tighten those hard-to-tone places. Best of all, the online options let you tailor your workout to fit your available time, skill level and equipment options.

Peddle Power — Outdoor cycling is not only great exercise, it’s also an easy way to maintain social distancing in the process. Grab your bike, hit the nearest trail and peddle your stress away.

Walk it Off — As long as you keep at a safe distance, there’s no reason you can’t pull on your tennis shoes and pound the pavement. Download a new upbeat playlist or a podcast you’ve been dying to listen to so you’ll stay motivated and enjoy your time in the sunshine.

Dog Park Party — Grab your pooch, who undoubtably needs to get out as much as you do, and hit the dog park. Just remember to avoid times when the park is crowded and be conscious of maintaining the 10-feet distance from your fellow dog lovers.

Non-Active Pursuits — Because mental health is as important as physical health, here are a few options to help maintain sanity and fight off the boredom:

  1. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  2. Stream a program you’ve been dying to watch.
  3. Plan a trip that you’ll take when the crisis ends. Research the places you’ll go, the restaurants you’ll visit and where you’ll stay. After you’ve mapped out the fun, make a promise to yourself to go.
  4. Read a book that has a happy ending to lift your spirits.
  5. Order a decadent dessert (to-go or from a delivery service) and enjoy it without any guilt.
  6. Hit the water by taking a boat outing or a SUP adventure.
  7. Take a scavenger hunt of the coolest murals in your area. It’s also a great way to ramp up your image on the gram.
  8. Send the kids out back with popsicles and an inflatable pool for some peace and quiet. Or, if it’s still cold outside, set up a tent in the living room.
  9. Learn to make a signature drink.
  10. Take an online cooking class.

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